Tunnels Short Story

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Life after college can be a difficult time for many students. You must move on but in which direction are you now supposed to go? This is an issue that the three students in the text must face because they lack directions. They did not want to think about the future so over the summer they disconnected from the society. They wanted to escape from the future and reality which they also did. “We should dig, get underground.” (p. 2)
This short story presents three characters that have just finished college. The main character is the narrator and he has the two friends, Amy and Hunter. We also meet his parents which support him but are passive in the story´s progress. They try to get him moving on but they do not pressure him and it therefore does not have any effect. The narrator is smoking pot and hanging out with his friends during the summer. They just feel that there is not any purpose with life after college so they were not moving on. They then decided to go underground and they started digging a hole in the backyard which later became a tunnel. Their purpose was now to dig. They were addicted to digging and the dirt was their drug. They lost their sense of time while digging and as the tunnels connected, everything started to go in circle. The characters are complex which is symbolized with the complex tunnels which they create. His friends stopped digging as the winter came but the narrator continued. His parents finally came down to him and told him to come up
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