How Did The Tupac Amaru Rebellion Cause The French Revolution

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The wars of independence in Latin marked the end of Spanish dominance in much of the Americas. While those rebellions were successful, there are stories of previous revolts that did not end with independence from Spanish rule. A prime example of these less successful uprisings is the Tupac Amaru Rebellion in the Andes during the late 1700s, in which the Kuraka leader Jose Gabriel Tupac Amaru led an uprising against the Spanish authorities in retaliation to forced labor and taxes imposed upon the Indigenous population. Those oppressive conditions were caused by the Bourbon reforms, a set of policies implemented by the Spanish crown on its South American colonies in order to keep a tight grip on the colonies and prevent British aggression in…show more content…
The rebellion began strongly, with Amaru spreading his message amongst the Indigenous people south of Cuzco, gaining support and, consequently, control over the region. Nevertheless, the failure to capture Cuzco on time, caused by the lack of rebel recruitment and the poor timing of the attack, turned the battle around, providing the Spaniard a chance to attack the rebels and capture Jose Gabriel and other leaders. The revolt continued; however, with Jose Gabriel’s younger relatives taking the role of leaders. Nevertheless, they too were captured by the Spaniard forces, with the difference that they were not war prisoners but rather victims of the Spanish authorities’ legal tactics to lawfully capture the rebel leaders without breaking the ceasefire they had declared earlier. This put an end to the rebellion but not to it did not vanish its legacy. The events that took place in the Andean world under the leadership of Jose Gabriel Tupac Amaru sowed the seeds of unrest in South America as it distorted the status quo that marked colonial relation in
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