Tupac Shakur's The Rose That Grew From Concre

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“Rose that grew from concrete” By: Tupac Shakur
Can we always count on people to be by our side when things don’t go right? Many people have to go on and do things on they own. Also having to prove people that you can go do something they swear you can’t do because of your lifestyle. The poem is about how Tupac himself grew up in a bad neighborhood and he became a amazing and inspiring person to many people. In the poem of “The Rose That Grew from Concrete”, Tupac Shakur uses metaphors and power in order to show how people misrepresent and don’t understand people and their struggle to rise from the bottom. one of the lines in the poem that I like is, “long live the rose that grew from the concrete.” (7) Which basically mean that you grew full of positivity. You learn how to go on with your life without caring if people were there every step of the way. Also not holding grudges against people that did you wrong . It’s really interesting how a rose can grow from concrete, the same way it’s interesting and incredible when someone rises out of their oppression and become such powerful and amazing people.
The second line that stood
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Also to show how people don’t understand and misrepresent the real problem. Many people have a real difficult thing expressing who they really are because people all around tend to judge a lot when they are not happy with themselves to feel better about themselves which is why you need to be powerful and ignore them. The more time that passes you tend to ignore the negativity around you. In the poem it talks about how the rose cracks the concrete just like in the real world people that are poor and struggle and get judged by people. They do however try their best so they can have what they want in life and people feel bad for judging them when they prove they can accomplish anything they want in
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