Tupac Speech

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My mama always used to tell me: 'If you can 't find somethin ' to live for, you best find somethin ' to die for “Tupac Shakur”. Tupac Shakur stood for change but was misunderstood as complex and controversial. Tupac’s choice of words towards society was second to none. No one can disagree with the validity of this statement. When children suffer from neglect it impacts not only the child, but it also has longstanding and immeasurable ramifications for our community as a whole. Tupac was ahead of his time and was speaking about the struggles we face at this current day in the early 90’s. Considering the social, political, economic, and spiritual landscapes of America today, it appears as though our youth are largely being left behind. This is…show more content…
Whether you 're overthrowing a government or protesting an unjust law, you could be a revolutionist. Pac was someone who works for political and social change. He wants to change the world. Pac was a natural leader, who voice held power. He understood how he could impact the world and he tried his best to do so. He lead by action, he had that Malcolm X gene in him. Tupac was not one to just sit around and talk about change. He took the ingenuity to lead by example. The world has changed so much from the early 90’s to 2017. Social media has taken off like no one ever would have thought. However, the African American community suffers even more from discrimination and unfair wellbeing. Tupac would be hurt, devastated, in shock to see how his people is getting treated. Tupac would fare well in today’s American society single handily from his will, drive and passion. With the intangibles Pac carried as an educated person he would find a way to adopt to any time period. He would have more things at his disposal to use to understand people and help them. Coming from the early 90’s he was altered by the materials he had at his disposal to use, but in today’s time just about anything he looking for is a search
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