Tupac's Death-Personal Narrative

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On September 7 1996 I lost my best friend . Me and Tupac was driving away after the boxing match in las Vegas , nevada . i was sitting in the back seat and Tupac was in the passenger seat and Suge knight was driving. I looked out the window and I saw a car speeding and I smelled rubber burning . Before you knew is it was a Cadillac that swerved to the passenger 's side of the Bmw . The driver of the car started shooting and as the driver was shot Tupac tried jumping in the back seat, but it was too late they had already shot him 13 times . Tupac was shot in the hand ,pelvis and two more penetrated to his chest. The car was at a stop and the car got shot up Suge Knight was already gone, he was nowhere to be found I got shot once in my hand
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