City Planning In Turkey

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Cities require to be arranged according to each age and civilization (Keleş, 2004,). City planning is based on prediction of future of cities. City planning must propose a perspective of future by evaluation of current situation (Şahinoğuz, 2007). Municipalities in Turkey cares about having a plan of city, but they do not judge practicability of their plans. Therefore it is more a presentation material than, a tool for certain purposes (Keleş, 2004,). But during early periods of republic, city planning were considered to be a comprehensive social transformation tool (Şahinoğuz 2007). After being capital of Turkey, Ankara were a trial city. In order the create a modern way of living, Ankara planned according to Jansen’s design, which elected…show more content…
By the start of industrialization, immigration from rural areas to industrial cities begin, and with it housing problems arose (Samsunlu, 2007). All of these together gave the birth of slums -“gecekondu” in Turkish-.Slums were actually supplying accommodation of industrial workers. Until 1980’s housing need provided by private construction companies. Of course, they did not address slums. At 1981 government introduced the law of Collective Housing. This is the origin of Housing Development Administration of Turkey (TOKİ). The aim of the government was to supply need of affordable housing. But, because of shoestring budget, economic crises and earthquakes; it did not work out as it was expected, until the year 2000.
After 2000, all most all of the properties of governmental institutions registered to TOKİ, thus TOKİ received approximately 170million square meter land. This wealth and some political privileges, brought TOKİ to key positions at housing development, city planning and construction sector in Turkey. But quality of works are not any better. Advance of housing development is a late shift, but it is not developing parallel to contemporary theories, practices and
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If we evaluate the housing development in Turkey by those measures. TOKİ developments are not considered in terms of environmental measures, because TOKİ projects are typical and they are executed everywhere needed. This also damages architectural identity of cities. For example, TOKİ complete design of a housing development and use the same design for İstanbul and Diyarbakır. Which is wrong because Turkey divided into seven part according to climate and both cities architecture are completely different from each other. Also TOKİ developments are apart from cities in terms of city planning. Because TOKİ have right to execute any project at anywhere without municipal

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