Turkey Democratization Process In Turkey

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Names: Umut Işık – 1798289, Alp Erdemir – 1798206
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Democratization attempts in Turkey since the beginning of the European Union accession process in 1999

Democratic structure in Turkey has been deformed several times by Turkish military since the foundation of the state in 1923. Coups d’état of Turkish military in 1960, 1971, and 1980 could be given as major examples of this situation. However, transforming Turkish democracy to an “ideal-type democracy” process was initiated in 1999 when Turkey was recognised as a candidate member of the European Union (EU) at the Helsinki Council. From that point onward, as Avci (2005) says in her article, a political avalanche of democratization
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Because of that reason, the necessity of the democratization process in Turkey which had an unprecedented aspect for the Europeans as a Muslim, but democratic nation was crucial. Democratization of Turkey since the 1980 Coup D’état: Since Turgut Özal’s administration period in the 1980s, there have been several attempts from the Turkish side to amend the 1982 constitution, which was drafted under the aegis of the military regime. In order to make Turkish Constitution more democratic in terms of eliminating its protective structure towards the influence of the military, several amendments were made. The first amendment to the Constitution was made in 1987 and following changes were adopted. The number of deputies increased from 400 to 450, the voting age was lowered from 21 to 20, and in order to facilitate constitutional changes the amending procedure was modified. One of these modifications in particular was achieved by referendum and enabled the suppression of a temporary article of the Constitution banning the majority of the pre-12 September politicians from politics for a period of…show more content…
The second constitutional amendment was drawn up in 1993 and lifted the State monopoly on the setting up and operating of radio-television, thereby granting independence to the TRT. The 1995 amendment to the Constitution was a truly comprehensive amendment. It modified the preamble and article 14 of the Constitution. With these amendments, the scope of politics was enlarged to a greater portion of the society. The "Sacred State" expression and other formulations aimed at legitimating the 12th September military coup were deleted from the Constitution's preamble. The provision on the freedom to form associations was amended, the one prohibiting trade union activities was abolished and the right for civil servants to unionize was recognized. The voting age was

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