Turkey Imperialism

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Turkey was under Roman influence. This was known as the Pax Romana period. Trade and culture increased, and cities flourished with the new culture spreading its roots to the people of Asia Minor. The roman empire also brought the religion of christianity to Asia Minor. The Ruler of the west part of the Roman Empire (Constantine) put the capital at Constantinople (Old Byzantine and Modern-day Istanbul.) Constantine also put aqueducts and tunnels to supply water to the land, as the city went through periods of droughts. The end of the Roman rule came with the sack of Constantinople. The roman rule empire actually ended about 1000 years before the sack of constantinople but Constantinople was all that was left of it. Then Ottoman
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because they both wanted to stop the Soviet Union’s expansion. This is when Turkey joined NATO. Turkey also gave men to the UN forces during the Korean War. Turkey became allies with all of the US 's allies in the Middle East and they became enemies with the allies of the Soviet Union’s. Turkey was hand and hand with the Soviet Union throughout the war. The only time they were not best of allies was in 1974 when Turkey took over Cyprus, the United States did not like that move by Turkey. After that the U.S. and Turkey came back and have had excellent relations since trying to stop the Soviet union. Some key events like the Cuban Missile Crisis were hindered by U.S. and Turkey relationship, as the U.S. had some un-active missiles in Turkey that scared the USSR into putting some in…show more content…
This is going on with between Syria, Russia, Iran and Lebanon. The area is constantly under attack and there are bombs shooting everywhere. The death rate is too high now for any civilian to stay. There is also a chance that all the food supply could be cut off for the 300,000 residents of the city. The people of Aleppo have to leave. So many of them are showing up on the Turkish border. Turkey already has approximately 2.5 million refugees from Syria in there country. This number can only increase from now and onwards. This is affecting Turkey’s economic situation because Turkey is sending humanitarian groups to come help at the border which is costing them some money, on the other hand Syrians are also getting jobs in Turkey that maybe some of the Turks could have had. 16.3% of the population is below the poverty line. This whole thing is decreasing Turkey’s economic situation and is not really beneficial in any way. This could also affect Turkey’s relations with Syria in the future. Turkey is not benefitting in any way from this so they want it to stop, Syria isn’t making any big effort to put an end to this. As you know from Current event 1, Turkey and Syria are already in some heat and this could just be another factor of why they don’t like each other. As I stated in Current Event 1, this could be the start of a war between the 2, and this is only improving the
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