Turkish Nationalism

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The Turkish nation state was established on the 23 of April 1923 on the ashes of Ottoman Empire in the wake of the First World War. The origins of Turkish nationalism go back to Ottoman Empire, during that time nationality was determined on the basis of person's membership in a religious society. Before the twenty century, it was common that religion has wider influence on the politics and power, nationality was not fundamental to rulers and religious principle was regarded as unity of different ethnic groups. Ottoman Empire ruled the region for eight century under the name of Islam. However, under their rule non-Muslim minorities to some extent was constantly been oppressed and other Muslim minorities they had some limited power such as regional Emirates. Ottoman Empire ruled much part of Northern Africa and Balkan region and by the 1920; the Ottoman Empire was defeated by allied forces and dissolved the long-lived dynasty. The Turkish nationalists began to fight for their independent and in 1923 they managed to establish the current republic of Turkey under the leadership of Kamal Ataturk and in 1924 they drafted Turkish constitution. Ataturk and his followers developed a new…show more content…
Therefore, there have been many genocide during the process of decolonisation among and with former colonised groups. Colonisers conducted systematic mass extermination of the powerless ethnic groups (Curthoy and Docker, 2010: 26). The victims of genocide are often the oppressed minorities who have not been represented in the any international institutions. The dominant states have their own impacts on the wider politics. In most cases the perpetrators have subverted the voice of the
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