Tulku Dakpa Gyaltsen

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The doegyal worshippers say when trulku Dakpa gyaltsen was alive, he was very learned and very famous. His fame spread far and wide that there were many people specially from kham and Mongolia, coming to seek his blessing. At several occasions, the numbers of the people visiting him exceeded that of the 5th Dalai Lama. Moreover, he was brilliant in debate. He would often defeat the 5th Dalai lama, which sparked jealousy in the hearts of the Dalai Lama´s personal staffs like Desi Sonam Choephal and others.

Was he really very learned and famous?
There were many great gelug lamas contemporary to Tulku Dhakpa Gyaltsen. If Dakpa gyaltsen 's was so famous, then, why those contemporary gelupka teachers had not written a single line on his scholarly brilliance and fame? Furthermore, what famous teachings did he give in the three provinces of Tibet.? If there were so many faithfuls coming to seek his blessing from kham and Mongolia, then which are the
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The fifth Dalai Lama left for the upper Residence at Drepung monastery where he saw Dakpa Gyatsen possessed by a fierce and violent devil. The Great fifth intended to exorcise the devil with the help of the ritual of 4-faced Mahakala but found it too powerful to subdue it. Two days later, Tulku Dakpa Gyaltsen was found death on 13 of the 5th month, 1656. We asume that the devil overpowered and killed tulku Dakpa Gyaltsen and assumed the role of the spirit of Dakpa Gyaltsen. In the autobiography of the great Fifth, he wrote very clearly that he saw tulku Dakpa Gyaltsen being possessed by a fierce and powerful demon. Now the question is, who was that demon, who through the force of a distorted prayer, made tulku Dakpa Gyaltsen his high-profile victim? How did he come into
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