Mistakes That Turn Guys Away Analysis

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Mistakes that I make that Turn Guys Away At a lunch with a friend a couple days ago, she asked me:” Your birthday’s coming. How would you want to celebrated?” I was stunned, as I did not expect her to remember my birthday, although we’ve been close friends for more than 5 years. “Well,” I said, “I don’t really celebrated birthdays, but thank you for remembering it!” If it’s wrong of me to have such low expectation of a close friend, it is probably wronger for me to wish my dates to remember my birthday when we know each other for less than 3 months – Why there is this difference in my expectations for them . As I came to see this, I realized how this constitutes my first mistake with guys – unrealistically high expectations. Of these few years that I went out of my way to look for someone with whom we can like each other, and have so far succeeded in none, I’ve probably collected a basket of things that I did that drives guys away. They aren’t something that I would think of…show more content…
When it comes to relationships, I am almost intimidated to express my feelings. All emotions kept to myself only. There must have been thousands of questions in my mind every time I date a guy, but not one was asked. For one, those questions might sound stupid to embarrass myself; for the other, I believe opening up yourself is the way to vulnerability. There was this one time that I had a crush on someone. But somehow I thought he just want to sleep with me, so I might as well act like a bitch too. Then he thought that I used him as a sex tool, and later on disappeared, leaving me completely puzzled and hurt. Two years later on my birthday, he sent me a text saying he was sorry that he left for school without a word and that I was nice and sweet at that time. I had long gotten over him, but it just got me thinking: what if we had talked a bit more? I never give the applauses to the boys that they
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