Turn Of The Screw Summary

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The article written by Bryan Williams, Apparitional Experiences: A Primer on Parapsychological Research and Perspectives, provides numerous explanations for why people see apparitions, including but not limited to the types and characteristics of apparitions.In Turn Of the Screw, by Henry James, a governess is hired to watch two children, Flora and Myles at their home in Bly. The governess sees two apparitions, Peter Quint and Miss Jessel, who are seemingly following the two children due to their relevant history with them. Several ideas in the article Apparitional Experiences: A Primer On Parapsychological Research and Perspectives, such as theories of why apparitions are seen, go hand in hand with what The Governess experiences in Turn of The Screw.

Throughout Turn Of The Screw, The Governess was faced with many ideals that caused her extreme amounts of stress which provided an explanation for why she started to see
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Williams’ definition of a crisis apparition, “appears to a witness at a time when the person whose apparition is seen experiencing a state of crisis” (Williams 2), provides context to the theory that The Governess saw Peter Quint because of high levels of anxiety that she didn’t know how to control. Williams quotes from The Gift, a book written by Dr. Sally Rhine Feather and Michael Schmicker, and tells the story of a woman had undergone the hardship of moving halfway across the country with her daughter and leaving her father behind when he was extremely ill. The Governess was experiencing a similar stress level as the woman in the article. The Governess had received “disturbing letters from home, where things were not going well” (James 33). The mood in this
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