'Turn Out, Turn In' And Homeroom Zombies

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Sleep Essay 1

After reading “Turn off, Tune out, Turn in” and “Homeroom Zombies”, one can see that Marissa Lang supports her argument better. “Turn off, Tune out, Turn in” is better because it has greater and more reliable evidence.

One can see that in “Homeroom Zombies”, the first two paragraphs look to be plagiarized, and that lets one know almost immediately that it is not a very reliable source. The reader can tell that Lang has a more reliable format. She has real life specialists saying reliable things that the reader can trust. She also has teens that actually have sleep deprivation. On paragraph 6 line 19-22, Lang shows that she has reliable evidence by interviewing a teen that has sleep deprivation. Mikaela Espinoza says that she
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