Turner Syndrome Research Paper

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Turner Syndrome
Turner Syndrome occurs in females who lack part or all of their second X chromosome. Their genotype for sex chromosomes is XO. Almost all people (approximately 95%) with Turner Syndrome have a short stature and signs of ovarian failure. It can be treated with hormone therapies.
The severity of problems caused by Turner Syndrome varies among different individuals. At its most mild, someone with Turner Syndrome could be mostly affected only in appearance and have only slight or no medical problems. Some individuals with Turner syndrome have a short, webbed neck, a low hairline at the back of their neck, and low-set ears. They can also have colored spots or moles on their skin. A person with severe Turner Syndrome could be affected
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Males with XYY syndrome do not typically have unusual physical features, except that they may be taller than average. They have an increased risk for learning difficulties, especially in reading and speech, and delayed development. Men with XYY syndrome have normal, heterosexual function and most are fertile.
Many males who are affected are not heavily affected by Jacobs Syndrome and since they do not look any different than normal males, many men who have Jacobs Syndrome are never identified. They usually have normal or slightly lower than normal intelligence. They may need extra assistance in certain academic subjects. Hyperactivity and temper tantrums can also occur more frequently than expected during childhood. At the more severe end of the spectrum, affected people’s speech and language delays and disabilities may be more serious and they can be diagnosed with a specific speech or language disorder which may require therapy.
Most males who have Jacobs Syndrome have a very good prognosis, as learning disabilities that are caused by this condition are mild and most people with this condition learn how to control their behavioural problems with age. People affected by Jacob Syndrome have normal lifespans.
Triple X
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Occasionally, cases of Triple X Syndrome can cause premature ovarian failure, infertility, problems relating to puberty and menstruation, kidney and heart abnormalities, and seizures. The more severe a case of Triple X Syndrome is, more of these signs become present and are more extreme. In a severe case, there could be moderate to severe intellectual disabilities, long delays in development and acquisition of skills, and major physical abnormalities and problems.
Women who have Triple X Syndrome can and usually do learn to manage with their condition, as it usually does not have overly strong effects. They can, for the most part, lead normal lives. Their lifespan is not heavily affected by Triple X Syndrome.
Down Syndrome
Down Syndrome occurs when an individual receives an extra copy of chromosome 21. It can affect both males and females. Regardless of the severity, people with Down Syndrome have a characteristic appearance. Physical signs of Down Syndrome include a smaller and abnormally shaped head, flattened nose, small ears and mouth, upward slanting, rounded eyes, and short, wide, hands with short
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