Turning Point In American History

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A Major Turning Point in American History

During 1775 and the 1800s, The American Revolution became a very political change for what was becoming our own nation. While some things remained the same throughout time for us, other things have changed, which makes what we know today as the United States of America.

”Looking at the situation after the Revolution, Richard Morris comments: ‘Everywhere one finds inequality.’ He finds "the people" of "We the people of the United States" (a phrase coined by the very rich Gouverneur Morris) did not mean Indians or blacks or women or white servants. In fact, there were more indentured servants than ever, and the Revolution ‘did nothing to end and little to ameliorate white bondage.’" (Howard Zinn, Page 65) The American Revolution had many purposes- one not being for the people like the Constitution said it would
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In Boston, blacks asked for city money, which whites were getting, to educate their children.” (Howard Zinn, Page 67) Blacks wanted the same opportunity that other people had. As a result of owning too many slaves, the rise of slave revolts grew, causing fear in people like George Washington. Blacks, who wanted to get involved in the war thought that if they joined, it would help them attain their freedom. They were all turned away, which lead them to fight and side with the British. “In the northern states, the combination of blacks in the military, the lack of powerful economic need for slaves, and the rhetoric of Revolution lead to the end of slavery-but very slowly.” (Howard Zinn, Page 67) Although slavery still existed in the North in 1810, it was slowly beginning to diminish in the South. While slavery would begin to lessen over the next hundred
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