Turning Point In Carrie's Courage

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Sue Snell is a turning point in Carrie's anger. At the beginning, she has participated in humiliating Carrie, but then she has felt guilty and became her friend. She has decided to sacrifice and convince her boyfriend, Tommy Ross, to ask Carrie to the prom. At the first, Carrie is against the idea as she thinks it is a trick, but Carrie's hesitation is quickly forgotten and she accepted. Carrie is very happy, but when she has told her mother, she threw her hot tea in Carrie's face. Margaret believes that the boys want only sex from the girls after getting their period. Carrie has told her mother that she wants to live a normal life, so she is going to the prom even without her permission. As a result of anger Carrie has…show more content…
At the beginning, it seems like a special gift in Carrie's eyes, so has not tell anyone about it, "what none of them knew, of course, was that Carrie White was telekinetic" (King 5). Carrie has started to practice her power inside her room before sleeping. She would practice lifting up little objects in the air such as, books and hair brushes. At the end, it turns into a curse as Carrie cannot control her power inside. And then Carrie lets it takes over her mind, body and spirit. Carrie has misused her telekinesis at the prom and has destroyed every one even herself. Carrie's anger in Carrie is similar to Nor Elshrief's anger in Alzalem w Almazlom movie. Both of them suffer from oppression and as a result of their hidden anger, they decide to take revenge from those who spoil their life. On one hand, Carrie is oppressed by her mother who has strange religious views. Her mother views Carrie as a sin and prevents her to live a normal life. At school, Carrie is humiliated by her peers; they make fun of her because she is old fashioned. At the prom, they humiliate Carrie by showering her with pig's blood. On the other hand, Nor ELshrief whose masters in his work plan to rape his wife and send him to prison. As a result of anger, Carrie decides to take her revenge from every one humiliate her even her mother. At the prom, she killed all people by her telekinesis. Similar to Carrie, Nor Elshrief…show more content…
At the prom, Carrie is very happy because she has been accompanied by Tommy Ross. As soon as Carrie and Tommy are voted queen and king of the prom, as evil Chris has planned to take her revenge from Carrie, they are asked to stand on the stage for the crowning, but both of them are showered by pig's blood that dropped on them from buckets above. Chris wants to shower carrie by pig's blood because she thinks that "pig's blood for a pig"(King 170). Tommy Ross receives his death by one of these buckets that hit his head. Then everyone laughs at her even the teachers. She gets angry and wants to teach them a lesson by using her telekinesis. "If only Carrie could make something like that happen whenever she liked"(King 152). Carrie begins to use her power against the persons who humiliate her. Firstly, she locks every one inside auditorium. Secondly, she turns on the sprinkler system to wet people and ruin their prom. And then water gets close to the electrical cords and people are electrocuted. Carrie has killed Chris and her boyfriend in their car. Carrie has used her power to set a fire in the streets and has burned the whole
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