Turning Point In Jane Austen's Pride And Prejudice

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Edith Wharton stated once that at some stage in a story there will be that turning point or “illuminating incident” that would be a window that opens to convey the whole message and show the deeper meaning of the work. Basing this on Pride and Prejudice, the most significant, shifting point would be when Elizabeth realizes that her first impression has done her wrong, and that she’s the one being prejudicial, not Mr. Darcy. Jane Austen follows the development of Elizabeth’s and Darcy’s relationship in how they both change in order to overcome their own vanities and be able to love each other. Elizabeth’s visit to Pemberley, accompanied by her aunt and uncle, causes her to reconsider her thoughts about Mr. Darcy and shows how naïve and inconsiderate she was. After knowing the truth, Elizabeth’s reaction help build up the main themes of Pride and Prejudice which is to learn before making any judgments. Also this moment is crucial in the story because it alters people’s decisions and changes the whole aspect of the novel where simply the protagonists fall in love and get married after a whole act misconception and misjudgment. This is considered an illuminating incident because of its various impacts. This scene does not only change Elizabeth’s mind but also the readers. It’s an apex in the novel, where everything hits the reader and turns the tables. Its so pivotal because it’s the point where everything is changed resulting in an outcome. Where Elizabeth
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