Turning Point In My Life

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The turning point of my life came in 2010 when my mom, my dad, and I made the decision to move to the United States. It was a great opportunity for me, but sometimes the good comes with the not-so- good and it was also kind of bittersweet. I was excited, since I was finally going to be with my entire family, who were already living here. I had always wanted to study in a good university, have a superior education and a better future, but at the same time, I was leaving behind everything I knew for all I ever wanted, my routine, my lifetime friends and two and half years of college that took me a lot of sleepless nights. Moreover, I had never been to the US before, not even for vacations.
The past five years of my life have had an enormous impact on me; I have been through happy and sad moments, achievements and failures. Although the journey has not been as easy as I thought it would be, every circumstance I have faced has shaped me into the person I am now. I wanted to give up many times, but I am glad I did not.
Taking classes in English terrified me, college was not as I expected, I could barely understand the professors and on top of that I was shy, more insecure than what I wanted to admit. I would not talk to anybody. I would sit in the back of the classroom expecting for the professors never to notice me. I had to learn how to discipline myself, investing way more time than I would usually do, and be consistent in order to get acceptable grades. Once you start
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