Turning Point In World History

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An example of a turning point in world history would be the Industrial Revolution because the world began using fossil fuels instead of renewable energy due to an increased use of machines, leading to an increase in economic productivity, which later improved living conditions, as well as increased population growth. Before the period of the Industrial Revolution, renewable resources was the main source of energy, which changed to fossil fuels after the Industrial Revolution. In past, people relied on wind to travel. This was especially important when wind was utilized to power boats, which allowed for the transport of people and goods across large bodies of water. Additionally, power mills were powered by water, which allowed for the production…show more content…
Additionally, during that time there were various technological advancements, such as the refrigerator, which allowed goods to remain fresh during their travel. Furthermore, the automated mill was developed, which allowed for quicker and larger scale production of various goods, such as metal and flour. Due to the fact that goods were now produced faster, specifically after the Industrial Revolution when various technologies were invented, the prices of goods began to decrease. Various technologies such as the automated mill spread to other parts of the world, which led to economic growth in places outside of the United States, demonstrating once again that the Industrial Revolution was a major turning point in world history. Today, the world is concerned about the effects of fossil fuels on global warming. This connects to the Industrial Revolution because during that time fossil fuels began to be predominantly used. Nevertheless, today, scientists have developed new technologies that would allow humans to use more environmentally friendly energy sources, such as nuclear power. These new technologies are less harmful to the environment since they release less greenhouse gasses, which have a smaller effect on the earth’s atmosphere. Companies that mine for fossil
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