Turning Points In African Americans

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Climacteric means crucial and encountered means faced. Three people encountered climacteric life changing events in the three excerpts named I never had it made, Guts, and Warriors don’t cry. Jackie Robinson, Gary Paulsen, and Melba Beal’s all faced crucial turning points in their life that affected themselves as a person, but also their country.
Jackie Robinson faced racism while playing in the major leagues, these turning affected Jackie as a person and also the people around him. A turning point that affected Jackie was when Robinson said, ‘’there were threats against” he and his family and, “even out to out physical harm” made to him. People threatened and tried to hurt Jackie and this affected him because this made him want to work harder at baseball. Another turning point that affected the people
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Gary Paulsen was affected by a heart attack right in front of his eyes, but this affected his country in a way. A turning point that affected Paulsen was Paulsen said, ’his eyes’’ looked into my eyes, ‘’I will not sleep well’’ thinking of his eyes. A person had a heart attack right in front of Paulsen eyes, and this scared him for life. A way Paulsen affected his country was Paulsen said , ‘’years later’’ when I was writing hatchet I remembered the man and put him in the book, this means that Paulsen made a scene in hatchet more realistic in hatchet, which made more people want to read hatchet that is how Paulsen changed the country. The next thing Paulsen did that was a turning point was, ‘’one of the most catastrophic events in’’ In Brian’s life was when the pilot had a heart attack in Hatchet. Well Hatchet is a children’s book, and because of the heart it made the book more realistic, so because of this he encouraged kids to read. Paulsen changed his life and impacted his country by a sad heart attack; finally let’s move on to Melba
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