Pestle Analysis: Turtle Bay

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Turtle Bay offers casual dining experience, a growing trend which attracts all ages but mainly 18 to 24 ages(Mintel,2017). Disposable income, is a major contributing factor towards customers dining out, however the busy working or even education, leave households with little or no time to prepare meals so dining out becomes a necessity (Mintel,2017). The ethnic market, is growing as consumers demand for new and exciting dishes, moreover the cost of travel is low, so more people are travelling abroad, and they experience different foods which they would want to eat again back home. Turtle Bay also offers a home delivery service, which is a growing market. Macro-Environmental Analysis
Pestle analysis
External factors consist
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The chicken market continues to grow the market is predicted to grow from £6.6 billion to £6.9 billion in 2017, while the leisure industry continues to grow (Mintel,2016), however competition in the restaurant and retail sectors, selling similar products is also intensifying in the restaurant and retail sectors.
Socio - cultural Casual dining in the UK, is a growing trend suitable by all ages, the concept especially appeals to students who like dining in groups, furthermore international students creating a demand for foods otherwise consumed back home. ( Dziadkowiec and Rood, 2015) legal Recent years have seen restriction of migrants, leading to shortages of workers especially in the ethnic sector furthermore (Ram et al,2002) observed that labour market pressure on businesses on issues of undocumented workers puts off employees from employing workers who may have the necessary skills.
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The matrix is used to establish the best strategies to keep an organization where it is and how to expand it. (Johnson et al 2011). The matrix also used to assess the advantage and disadvantages of staying the existing market with same products and services or to or move out and expand into another. Turtle bay has been operating since 2014, the casual dining concept strategy has enabled them to attract different markets especially working class as well as students both groups who are the most likely to have less time to cook at home. The concept has enabled Turtle bay to expand to main cities. It is useful in setting goals and in establishing the future direction of the company (Johnston et al,2011). The Ansoff matrix can be used regularly by an organization as an analytical tool for checking out competition. (Harrison and
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