Turtle Should Be Divorced From Her Parents Essay

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I think Turtle should be divorced from her family because they do not care about her. Also Turtle’s parents mostly care about Angela. It should be Turtle’s consent to live alone it is not her parents decision. Here is some details why Turtle should divorce from her parents, Grace really only cares about her other child Angela, Grace calls her a mistake, Jake doesn’t really care when Grace is really rude to Turtle, and last but not least Grace wants Turtle to be perfect but no one‘s perfect. Those were some of the reasons why Turtle should be divorced from her parents there are many more.

If someone were to adopt this child I would nominate Mrs.Baumbach. She is also a very good role model for this young child, personally Flora watches Turtle all the time. Turtle also very much likes Flora. Turtle trusted Flora so much that she told her, her real name which is coincedently Alice. I guarantee that Turtle would be open to these possibilities. I’m going to get back on track now ok let me list some more reasons why Turtle should be divorced from her parents, they don’t care about her especially Grace, her mother is the main reason why Turtle wants to be divorced from her family. Turtle should be able to produce her own ideas.
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Grace calls her brat because she kicks others ,but she never presumes why. Well the reason why is because she wants attention because the only person who pays attention to her is Mrs.Baumbach. Turtle kicks everyone who touches her hair, except for Mrs.Baumbach, this shows that Turtle cares about Mrs.Baumbach more than her own mother, this is because Turtle actually kicks Grace, showing she would rather be with Mrs.Baumbach. Genuinely I think Turtle likes being with Mrs.Baumbach. She gets personal with her. Mrs.Baumbach loves Turtle and it
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