Turtle Wexler: Comparing The Book And The Movie

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“ ‘Boom! It was a bomb’ said George Theodorakis”. (Raskin p. 81) Not in the movie it wasn’t. Instead it was a confetti popper in the movie. Making a movie out of the book changes how the story is because of time and money. The Westing Game book and movie contain many similarities and differences. The Westing Game storylines have many surprising events. In both, the book and the movie, a group of heirs are gathered to solve a mystery. Sam Westing tricks all except Turtle. Turtle solves the mystery and wins the game. Alas, the book and movie have many unexpected similarities and differences. Turtle Wexler solves the mysteries of both the book and the movie. In both the book and the movie Turtle has a mother figure and a loyal
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