Tuscan Hummus Research Paper

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California Pizza Kitchen An aroma of delicious Alfredo sauce and steaming hot pizza makes people enter California Pizza Kitchen and don’t regret it. Stepping inside the Boca Raton Town Center Mall, one of the first things people see is the amazing restaurant California Pizza Kitchen (or CPK). Right when people walk in, a worker behind a desk greets them, and then server quickly directs them to their seat. When walking through the restaurant, people see two aisles, separated by a small brick alignment. The green cushioned booths are on the sides of the brick alignment, and there are black fans twirling on the ceiling. The costumers are swiftly seated and the server gives out the menu, people see a collection of delicious foods. The appetizing Tuscan Hummus, delightful Margarita Pizza, and heavenly Salted Caramel Pudding are exquisite foods at this California Pizza Kitchen.…show more content…
The Tuscan Hummus is pieces of toasted pita bread topped with basil and a small bowl of hummus with tomatoes. The bread is cut into a triangle like a pizza and the crust is harder, but instead of just regular pita bread, it is grilled and they add some basil to not make is so plain. The hummus is also different than other places; they have seasoned tomatoes in the middle so it has even more flavor to it. The tomatoes also add a Mexican touch to it. After seeing the pita bread shaped as a pizza, people crave for a delicious piece of tomato sauce, melted cheese, and a yummy

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