Tuskegee Army Culture

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There a many different cultures in the world. From all sorts of life. Some cultures have rules that you have never heard before and some cultures you would think they were insane. Some kinds of cultures would be your own or mine. For an example let 's say that you lived in the ancient greece and you were a male. You had to hunt,gather,farm, and help your family. The most dangerous job is being in the army. If you were a female all you had to do in life was make food and teach the kids you couldn 't go out of the house you couldn 't go get food all you could do was attend to your kids and make food. But culture isn 't always what you do in life it 's the way you live,the things you eat,the things you play with. It 's what makes you and your life.…show more content…
Freedom Flyers culture story starts in 1943. One part of culture is your gender roles. The men 's roles were to provide for their families and to protect there country. The men in this story were pilots for the army. They graduated from Tuskegee Army Flying School. Most of the men from his class were african american. At this time they didn 't have the best of laws and people didn 't always appreciate them whether they helped the country or not. Almost a thousands people graduated from Tuskegee Army Flying School and a lot of them died in World War ll. In my culture the men and women are equal and they both go to whatever job they want and went to school for. If they are african american or not they both have good jobs. There are more people in the army and the cops aren 't biased to people. The law in my culture is like any other in the world but back in 1943 the cops were really harsh to the african americans. The laws were a lot more harsh for african americans and the cops always watched them more because they really didn 't like them. Also if they broke a law they would get harsher punishments and longer sentences. For now a days everyone gets the same punishment and time for
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