Tutankhamon Murder Theory

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Has Tutankhamon been murdered? According to Bob Brier he is murdered, although this theory is only based on circumstantial evidence. Examining the cranial X-ray did not show any direct evidence. Tutankhamon’s head trauma cannot be caused by a blow or a fall due to the area where it is located.
Since Bob Brier’s investigations more research has been carried out concerning Tutankhamon’s death but no evidence for murder has been found. The hole in his skull is most likely the result of the mummification process. Another theory concerning the cause of death is a chariot crash. However, the most plausible theory is that he died due to illness. Research of Zahi Hawass, Albert Zink et al.¹ shows that Tutankhamun had several diseases, including malaria.
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Also the content of the letter fits exactly on her situation. She was in a rather vulnerable situation, there was no heir to the throne and Egypt could possibly become weak and prey to potential invaders without a strong monarchy. She was probably just desperately seeking a prince to marry her so that her dynasty can be continued.

These exceptional circumstances may also have been the reason why Aye and Ankhesenamon married. The ring with both cartouches can be seen as evidence for their marriage.
Several months passed by before it was clear that the Hittite prince who finally was sent was murdered. All this time Egypt was in a kind of power impasse, also the funeral of Tutankhamon did not take place yet. Time was running out. Aye was the closest and most trusted advisor to several pharaohs and a powerful figure. It is very likely that their marriage was just the only possibility left to lead the country out of this impasse.
There is absolutely no evidence at all that Aye played a sinister role in these events. Bob Briers characterisation of Aye is not fair and objective but based on his own interpretation and not on

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