Tutor Marked Assignment: Consumer Behavior

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Academic Year 2014 - 2015 Semester: Fall
Branch: EGYPT Program: Business
Course Title: Consumer Behavior Course Code: BE201
Student Name: Yasmine Magdy Khairy Student ID: 115110246
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So in order to build a successful relationship between an organization and its customers we have three drivers which are customer’s value, high levels of customer’s satisfaction and building a structure for customer retention. The organization can make esteem by diverse ways; they first need to comprehend what drives esteem for clients. Likewise distinguish the clients and portions as Different clients will have differing view of your quality with respect to your rivals, in light of geographic closeness, for instance, or an item trait that one portion may discover especially alluring. Likewise, dispense your development capital to new items and arrangements that serve your best clients or can pull in more clients that are like your best…show more content…
To rebuild the company again it must have internal restructuring that was inevitable for reform to take effect and agrees that airline must now overhaul its public image. A re- brand works best when it is done for positive reasons. When you are doing it out of a crisis, you are effectively trying to cover up what happened. If you embrace the crisis and get some positive affect from an accident that potentially holds more value than a rebrand. The value of a brand’s reputation has increased with the emergence of social media and globalization, where news travels fast and opinions are shaped quickly. As Hamzavian points out, the success of Malaysia Airlines depends on its ability to regain public trust - although a rebrand may not necessarily erase the reputation damage it has suffered following two painful events. So they are seeking to attract new customers and regain their loyal customers by building trust and

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