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Arab Open University Tutor Marked Assignment (TMA) FACULTY OF LANGUAGE STUDIES EL120 TMA COVER FORM Fall (2014/2015) Branch: Program: Course Title: Course Code: Student Name: Student ID: Section Number:: Tutor Name: Question 1 Languages are of a valuable importance in our life. They get their importance from the fact that they are basic tools of communication. The communicative feature makes all language distinctive. Language is a system of grammar and vocabulary which is used by certain people who live in the same place or community. When we study language, we can acquire a lot of essentials about the different items of the language such as phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, pragmatics, semantics and other items.…show more content…
They build their point of view on some evidences. According to them, children are provided with an area in the brains called the deep motor area. This area is very important because it enables children to do a lot of unconscious things and tasks. Children in particular can benefit from this area in the learning of the second language which is considered basically unconscious process. Old people don’t have this area and their acquisition of the second language is not as good as children. So, this is the first point of view which supports the ability of children to learn the second language better and faster than the old people. There is also a second point of view which supposes that old people are capable of acquiring the second language faster than children. The supporters of this opinion see that old people and adults are also capable of learning the second language quickly since they are provided with all the possible conditions that enable them to learn the second language. They also believe that adults are immersed in the second language better than children. Therefore, their abilities in acquiring the second language are better than children. We can learn the second language effectively if we practice it continuously. This means that we have to use the second language all the time in classroom, in house, in club and in every where we are found. To sum up, learning and acquiring the second language has shown many points of views. To some researchers, children are the group who can learn the second language better than the adults. To another group, old people are also provided with some abilities that qualify them to learn the second language. In my opinion, the most important thing is to use the foreign language all the
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