Tutsis And Hutus Informative Speech Outline

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Dalon Van Amerongen
5th Hour

I. Introduction
Everyone has heard of genocide but what they do not know is where it can happen

B. The Hutus had killed large numbers of Tutsis. C. In 1972 the Tutsis had killed around 250,000 Hutus in Burundi D. Rwanda's president at the time the fighting started was elected from a military group. E. The Tutsis and Hutus have been enemies for years now and they want the each other to pay. So they start fighting and it ends with hundreds of thousands of deaths.
II. Body Paragraph #1: Delve into who are the Tutsis and Hutus. A. The Tutsis and Hutus are two different ethnic groups with very little differences. B. The Hutus had originated from the country of Chad.
C.The Tutsis had originated from the country of Ethiopia
D.The Tutsis
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The Hutus had controlled Rwanda, The Hutus wanted to get revenge for what the Tutsis did to their ancestors.
III. Body Paragraph#2: What led up to the fighting? A .A plane with Burundi and Rwanda’s presidents was shot down. B. The two presidents Cyprien Ntaryamira and Juvénal Habyarimana were both Hutus C. The plane has been said to be shot down by the Tutsis D. The United Nations had said this is the starting of “Acts of genocide” E. After the plane was shot down both Tutsis and Hutus almost immediately started fighting
IV. Body paragraph#3: Violence, Fighting A . The fighting started in the Kigali the capital of Rwanda then spread to the rest of Rwanda. B. The Hutus killed Tutsis with machetes, almost every person had a machete C. Habyarimana’s NRMD party (National Revolutionary Movement for Development ) was the main organizer of the genocide. D. Habyarimana’s E.The Hutus had killed over 800,000 people during this time almost all of them were Tutsis
VI. Body Paragraph#4: Who was killing? Just rebels? Everyone? A. Everyone had been participating in killing Tutsis if they were Hutu B. Military roadblocks were set up and they killed all of the Tutsis that tried to go

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