Tuck Everlasting By Natalie Babbita Analysis

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The story Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbita is about a girl named Winnie who meets a family that can live forever. One day Winnie meets Jesse the son of the family and catches him drinking water from the spring. The family then kidnaps Winnie and they explain to her that when one drinks water from the spring it grants that person the power to live forever. Then one day a man moves in and finds out about the secret and threatens to make Winnie drink from the spring and sell the water. Mae the mother of the family shoots the man and she is arrested. Winnie then decides to help Mae escape. A lesson the characters learn is that dying is a part of the natural life cycle and you can’t live without dying. They also learn that living forever is not as good a thing as they were led to beleive. A lesson I will not use is when Jesse tells Winnie when she is seventeen to come back and drink from the spring to be with Jesse forever. Through the events of the story, the characters learn many important lessons. The three most important lessons are that life is precious and it should not be wasted, greed has negative consequences and despite the fact that there might be people in life that night not agree…show more content…
An example of this is demonstrated when Angus takes Winnie out on the rowboat. Angus says “ we ain’t part of the wheel no more”.(pg 63) This quote means that you have to die in order to live and Angus can not die so he is not part of the natural life cycle. This lesson helps Winnie because she realizes that you need to die in order to live and living forever is not a good thing. This prevents her from drinking from the spring and having a bad life because Angus tells her that living forever is not a good thing. In conclusion this quote is to inform Winnie that dying is a part of the natural life cycle and that she should not drink from the
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