Tv Advertising Case Study

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Moraga-González (2000) also explained that informative advertising is designed when consumers are capable of evaluating quality of product, and they give consideration to quality of product and cost of advertisement is high. Raj S. P. (1982) also examined that consumer purchase for a product increases when advertisement for that product increases and this increase is due to high loyalty. While increase in advertisement doesn’t affect low loyal customers purchases so much. According to Wogalter et al (1991) product warnings and consumer’s willingness to read those warnings is one of the important factors through which customers forms hazard perception about product. Whan Park and et al., (2) (1986) studied effect of the audience involvement…show more content…
Lokesh Sharma(33) (2014) studied the impact of TV advertisements on the buying behaviour of adult consumers on the basis of certain demographic factors. The efforts had also been made to provide workable suggestions to the advertisers and the marketers viewers watch television for entertainment and keep themselves abreast of current happenings. The objective of the study was to measure the impact of TV advertisements on consumer buying behaviour. The sample size was 840 respondents, 500 each for rural and urban areas. The area of study was the Haryana state. In all total responses of 840, 425 were from rural area and 415 were from urban area. The results revealed that adults strongly believe that the TV advertisements have considerably influenced their buying process. Data analysis reveals that rural respondents are found more influenced by advertisements in their product purchase decisions in comparison to the urbanites. An interesting finding had been that most of the respondents are fond of watching TV advertisements, females being dominant. Another finding of the study was that the adults irrespective of their gender and area of residence strongly consider that TV advertisements had impact on their mind and the exposure to TV advertisements had not only enhanced their involvement in purchasing but had also resulted in increasing their frequency of…show more content…
They further add that purpose of marketing communication is to make buyer to visit a store try a product, purchase it regularly and recommend it to the friends. However, advertising core purpose is not only to persuade and to inform but also to create relationship in order to generate sales. Geeta Sonkusare (22) (March, 2013), studied the Impact of television advertising on buying behaviour of women consumer’s for FMCG Products in Chandrapur city. Sample size was 30 respondents. The study was focused on the study of impact of T.V. advertising on buying behaviour of women customers. The study revealed that before purchasing any product customers/consumer’s collects information for their proper purchasing decision making activities. Social, personal factors and word-of-mouth influence the buying behaviour of women

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