Tv Effect On Teenagers

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When television was first invented people didn't think it would be successful. Little did they know that it would become one of the most used products in the world. There are several debates regarding television, for instance if its a good thing for kids under 10 or younger to be watching more than 30 min of television every day or how people will change when they watch violent or disturbing things. What people don't know is that spending abnormal or normal amounts of time watching tv will affect you in some way. Even if you don't realize it. Watching television affects many important parts of your life that you may not even realize, It has a power of uniting people but can also be used to spread hate. In my opinion the biggest way that tv…show more content…
One of the largest shoes of TV effect on teenagers is violence. With over 1,000 murders, rapes, assaults and armed robberies being viewed on television by teens each year, teens may have altered views of reality. When someone sees a lot of violence on television or in video games, It can sucume to real life violence and think that it's okay. With shows like the walking dead and american horror story airing with a new season every year, it slowly starts to influence teen minds and make them think that some type of violence is okay. For example the show “thirteen reasons why” talks about suicide and the side effects of bullying, after that show got released ‘how to commit suicide" rose 26% above what would normally have been; "suicide prevention" went up 23%; and "suicide hotline number" climbed 21%, based on CNN’s research. It can also give you a false view on reality and how the world works. Most of the time tv gives you a depicted way of how life should be for certain people and gives you a fake perspective on reality. Not only will they think that violence is okay but they will slowly develop anger management issues that will only worsen as they go into their adulthood years. The more aggression they see, the more they will succumb to it which is the reason why children with abusive parents will sometimes become abusers themselves. Another effect from watching tv will be loneliness and depression. Recent evidence from the Conference of the International Communication Association in Puerto Rico linked depression and loneliness to watching tv. One of the researchers stated” increased use of television or electronics can further islote people and make them
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