Women And Brand Placement Essay

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Television Realty Shows & Brand Placements -By Kisholoy Roy & Sayon Biswas Products and brand placements have gained popularity in India and throughout the world so much that more and more product placements in various formats like television soaps, reality show and movies. However, what is preferred by which target audiences was not known. Study showed that consumer preference are often influenced by the associated products in their favourite shows/movies. Consumers desires and aspires to attain these products used by the stars. This psychological behaviour is used intelligently to place products into these shows. Another important aspect was observed – the size of the screen where the product is placed. The study done shows that with a…show more content…
Hundal Advertisers strive to engage consumers through their choice of message tones. They have been using a wide variety of emotions to initiate desired response. The roles of men and women has changed. Indian women are no longer limited within the four walls of homes. This study examines the sociocultural examination of women role in advertisements. Women plays an important role right from the dawn of civilization. She is the most important member of the family. From cooking to raising children and doing every detailed activity of households, the very word multi-tasking came from them. Their capability of being sweet & polite, their honesty and integrity are in general considered to be more than men. So women can play the following role in advertisement, for their very special communicating ability. Decorative Role: Decorative models are passive and non-functional and their primary activity is to adorn the product and sexual attractive stimulus. Recreational Role: The recreational portrayal is of models in a non-working activity of leisure or sports. The idea behind this is to promote gender inequality and everyone’s capability to prove
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