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TV Shows “Pip Pip Da Doodly Do,” as Drake said to Helen when spying on Megan wearing disguised costumes matching Josh to see why Megan is acting different. This is a scene from the show Drake & Josh. This part was in the show to make it better for the audience. The humor of Drake & Josh make the show watchable and funny. When people get home from doing an activity or working and want to relax, they try to watch a great TV show. A great Tv show must have similar qualities. One quality that makes a TV show great, is that it has to be funny. The TV show Drake & Josh has lots of funny parts in it. This show is known for being funny with Drake being stupid and Josh getting mad. Drake and Josh’s little sister makes the show even better with all the bad stuff she does to her brothers. Another show that is really funny is American Dad. In this show there is an alien named Roger who constantly cracks funny jokes. He lives with a family of a CIA agent who has a ditzy housewife and two wierd kids. Lastly, the show Blue Mountain State is a great comedy. Blue Mountain State is cringy, but super funny, it is hard not to get hooked on it after watching the first episode. It is about a football team that has party players who like to goof around and also win some football games. Therefore, to be a great TV show, the show has to be really funny. Another quality…show more content…
All shows hook people to watch them on a daily or weekly basis. It is kinda like a medicine that you love taking and get addicted too, but is bad for you. The shows teach us great lessons. Although, it might be hilarious or very inappropriate, there is always a lesson to be learned and helps people mature. This is why all the great TV shows use these three techniques. Moving forward, the TV shows that were discussed will continue to be good for a long time because they have likeable characters that keep you laughing at all
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