Tv Show Shameless Analysis

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Prescribed question: How and why is a social group represented in a particular way? Text: pilot of the TV Show “Shameless” (US) Part 2: language and mass communication: the potential for educational and ideological influence of a media, the power of a media to deliver a message, to express an opinion. Thesis: The creators of the TV show “Shameless” included homosexual characters in the show not only to make an appeal for tolerance, but also to present a realistic modern society in which differences seems to be accepted by some while others still marginalize certain communities. Introduction: Introducing the TV show “Shameless”: In which context and how did shows like “Shameless” arrived on TV? Look at the way homosexuality is perceived…show more content…
This conception of entertainment progressively changed as the audience of series was looking for a more realistic approach of our society in television programs. It is in this context that “Shameless” was created. This TV show offered to the general public a modern approach to the working class family and decided to talk to about homosexuality in a context that had rarely been seen before. Some might say that this theme could also be found in the TV show “Modern Family”, but as this show is based on the crazy and unrealistic adventures of the protagonists, the homosexual characters seem unrealistic as well. Thus, even if it might not have been the purpose of the creators, the exaggerated personality traits of the characters forces the show to keep the old stereotypes when developing the personality of its homosexual characters. This is why “Shameless” really stands out from the rest of the modern series; it uses the theme of homosexuality not just as a simple plot device, but as a real call to revolutionize the conception of this theme by the television
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