Tvs Motor Company Case Study Report

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THE LEADERSHIP AND INNOVATION OF TVS MOTOR COMPANY Ltd. FROM THE FIRST EXIST UNTIL NOW Written by : Joyo Margosae Abdillah 00170547 Ma’had Al - Zaytun L3DC - NCC 2017 I. Introduction A. Background PT. TVS Motor Company Ltd. is the corporation from India and exist in Indonesia. This company is member from TVS Group. TVS Motor Company is the third largest manufacturer two-wheeler in India. TVS Motor Company is the 2nd largest exporter in India with exports to over 60 Countries. B. Objective This research report is written to explain about how the leadership of company and development TVS Motor Company the first exist until now, and complete SCS assignment paper C as one of requirement to pass the L3DC Exam. II. The Leadership of TVS Motor Company A. The Founder of TVS Motor Company TVS was established by Mr. TV Sundaram Iyegar. He began with delhi first bus service in 1911 and founded T.V. Sundaram Iyegar and Sons Limited, a company in transportation business with a large fleet of trucks and buses under the name of Southern Roadways Limited. One century later, Sundaram Clayton was founded in 1962 in collaboration with Clayton Dewandre Holdings, United Kingdom. It manufactured brakes, compressors, and various other automotive parts. The company set up a project at Hosur in 1978 to manufacture mopeds as part of their new teamwork. In 1980, TVS 50, India’s first two-wheeler moped released of the factory at Hosur in Tamil Nadu, Southern India. Commercial production of

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