Twelfth Night Research Paper

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Love is a universal word that signifies an attraction between two or more people. Love is meaningful in many different relationships: friendships, families, and relationships with significant others. Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare revolves around the theme of love. Shakespeare portrays love as a sensational, yet deceiving, connection through characters in the book. Like many comedic love plas, a love triangle is the main plot. In Twelfth Night, wealthy duke has fallen in love with a wealthy countess. Then, a regular, desperate character enters. They will be the person who causes conflict and adds the third subject to the love triangle. Twelfth Night proves that love is complicated, deceptive, and can also be an abstract fantasy. Twelfth…show more content…
Having a person you can always trust and be yourself with is usually the main incentive. A frequently asked question is, why do people actually fall in love? Falling in love is a different experience for everyone; people may fall in love with someone’s appearance, wealth, actions, speech, personality, and the list goes on. Although Shakespeare never directly tells readers why Orsino falls for Olivia, it is assumed it is for her fortune because the two characters never actually meet face-to-face until Act V. Olivia, on the other hand, falls in love with Cesario’s youth and elegant diction. Both Olivia and Orsino seem to be so in love, that it seems obsessive. Orsino directs Cesario to enamor Olivia and “stand at her doors, and tell them there thy fixèd foot shall grow till thou have audience” (1.4.15-17). Olivia, who’s star struck by Cesario, constantly wants him to come back to her palace so she can allure him into loving her. She first deceives Malvolio, her steward, by telling him to “run after that same peevish messenger” with a ring that will hopefully bring Cesario back to her abode. Both the Duke’s and Olivia’s dreams of being with their love interest are completely far fetched and a dream that will never become a reality because too much unknown deception is involved in their
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