Twelve Angry Men, Gideon's Trumpet, A Few Good Men

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“If a Law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it; he is obligated to do so”- Thomas Jefferson. Law is a system of the principles and regulations that are established in society that govern people’s behavior. Generally, law consists of two main legal systems; common law or criminal law. Civil law controls and determines disputes of individuals and corporations with their private rights and liabilities. On the other hand, Criminal law includes prosecution of criminal offenses and the punishment of crimes. An individual convicted of a criminal crime stands face-to-face a court. The Jury is considered as fundamental part of the court in criminal offenses. The Jury system has a significant role in legal proceeding of defining facts and making final decisions. Moreover, “Twelve Angry Men”, “Gideon’s Trumpet”, “A few Good Men” movies are viewed as three wholly different stories, while there are some similarities between them. Movies are about the difficulties that characters face in a court and the difference is in the way those problems are handled and the consequences that the characters suffers from them. The Jury System usually consists of six to twelve individuals from different fields selected by process which involves two ballots: pre-trial ballot and…show more content…
The Juries protect people’s rights and liberties through the teamwork with a judge. By working together in great effort they come down to one reasonable idea. Responsibility for justice mostly lies upon honesty and fairness of juries therefore people must rely on jurors for their own protection. Furthermore, a movie ‘’Twelve Angry Men” is great example of juror’s absolute honesty and sense of fairness in order to determine defendant committed a crime or not. The juries justify a defendant because of well clarified facts and the evidence of a murder that they find out by hard team working and their serious attitude toward a

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