Twelve Angry Men's Characters In 12 Angry Men

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In the play Twelve Angry Men by Reginald Rose twelve jurors in a court have to try to decide If a boy is guilty or innocent in the charge of murdering his father. With this we get to see many personalities within all the jurors making them all extermenley different voices being heard the the courtroom. For this assignment we created shapes showing off the personalonalities for three jurors, the twelfth, eighth and third jurors as they all have they different and distinguishable personalities. While juror eight is logical and tries to examine all the evidence thoroughly, juror three is brash and goes against his personal pregidef.nces, strongly sharing all of them to the other jurors. Juror twelve was the one I had watched in the movie, he didn 't…show more content…
With color and shape comes size, and the sizes directly relate all three jurors. Juror three is definitely the biggest shape in the whole courtroom, he yells and argued through the whole case causing all the jurors to eventually chose to ignore him. But with the big picture there also another side, in the end of the movie he breaks down and shows he has a soft side, The quote , “Then, suddenly, his face contorts as if he is about to cry, and he slams his fistdown on the table,” (12 Angry Men) proves this statement. As well as the quote, “we clearly see a slip or crumpled paper on which are scribbled the words ’Not guilty,‘“ (12 Angry Men) The smaller callout inside the larger one shows that he has some humanity in him that he lets out in the end by breaking down and voting not guilty. Likewise, Juror eight is also a big voice in the room besides juror three causing him to be the second largest shape. The film is practically made up of main arguments between these two jurors with supporting coming from the other ten in the room, which also explains why they are far apart symbolizing the clashing views. On the other hand juror twelve is quite small as he never had much to say towards the case and only really seemed to be a slight distraction for the other jurors. The arrows (Figure one) on his shape are slightly larger to show the overpowering trait of his indecisiveness, which correlates back to the placement, putting him in between the two jurors representing him being in between both
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