Twenty First Century Monotheistic Religions Essay

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Religion is one way for all people to have inspiration to live through the tough times. If people make it through those tough times, they all have significant ways of showing appreciation to the powers that made it possible. The bases of their worship to those powers are what either makes the powers curse or grant them the pleasures that they seek. Looking back to the pagan religions of the New Testament times, there were many differences in how the twenty-first century monotheistic religions such as Christianity, Judaism, and Islam are practiced.
Glancing at the comparison of pagans and the twenty=first century monotheistic religions, the pagans worshipped many Gods and the twenty-first century monotheistic religions worshipped only one God. The God
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The pagans only had to give required sacrifices and pray for their Gods to bless them. They worshipped their Gods to get what they needed in the here and now. They wanted to have all the bounty and wealth while they were living. They would have periodic festivals where they would gather and sacrifice an animal and have a priest pray (Ehrman, 22). They also had ways of communicating with the Gods by oracles so they could find out if the Gods were pleased with them. In the twenty-first century, monotheists have books that tell them how to live and worship their God. They must live by certain rules and standards to receive the full blessings of God. They were looking for their lives to be pleasing to God, so that when they die their souls can return to the creator or be reincarnated. Monotheists go to services throughout the week to learn more strategies from their pastors, bishops, priests, and teachers on how they should live. They also have seers, called prophets/prophetess who can tell them whether they are pleasing in the eyes of God. They pray and sometimes must do a fast to worship and receive answers from
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