Twenty-One Pilots: Being Inside The Music

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Being inside the music: Plato the famous greek philosopher stated, “Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.” Plato was a very smart man who made many amazing observations and statements in his life. This quote is no exception. I believe that music is a very important part of life, and everybody likes some kind of music. Most people even go as far as to have a favorite band. My favorite band is Twenty-One Pilots because they are creative, their music is amazing and they are just so darn cute. Seriously, how could two human beings be so perfect? Twenty-one pilots has been different since they started. They don’t sound just like every other band on the radio, which is rare these days. Twenty-One Pilots are unique; they have songs that sound very reggae, or have upbeat ukulele, or heavy beats, slow mellow songs, and…show more content…
Tyler and Josh Dun, the creators of the music and members of the band Twenty-One Pilots, capture the hearts of so many fans with their ever evolving music. What other group can captivate people who usually listen to Rap, Boy Bands, Techno, Rock, Pop, Alternative, or Indie lovers like me. Their sound pulls in these people, and many more. Not only does their sound control people 's mind and thoughts but their lyrics find a way of digging into you, in a good way. They sing about a lot of heavy subjects without it sounding heavy. A lot of people connect with their messages about anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, and anti-socialness. For people not struggling with those things it helps them better understand people who are. Tyler brings this up in his song Screen, “While you 're doing fine, there 's some people and I who have a really tough time getting through this life. So excuse us while we sing to the sky”. They have really good messages that just click with most
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