Twenty One Pilots: Song Analysis

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1. My favorite song is Oh, Ms. Believer by Twenty One Pilots. This have been my favorite song for about 2 years now.

2. There is not a song/group that I’m uncomfortable telling my friends I like.

3. Youth by Troye Sivan. How I discovered this song was actually from my friend. She would play it every time I was over and then it just stuck with me.

4. Ride by Twenty One Pilots. I use to love this song, but now I cannot stand it, due to it being played way to often on the radio and everywhere you went. It just ended up getting annoying to hear all the time.

5. My major is Speech Language Pathology & Audiology. One thing about myself is I recently (Monday Jan, 16) got home from a three week trip to Europe. I traveled to London, Paris,
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