Jelly Wellier Case Study

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11. Jelly Wellies Premium Quality Waterproof Reflective Deluxe Raincoat:
For those who want their pets to feel warm, dry, comfortable and free to move around (as the coat suitable and fit for the pet arms and body as the pet feel free), then that feeling, of course, can be achieved by Jelly Wellies premium quality waterproof reflective deluxe raincoat.
Also, that coat more safe because of its reflective strip and visibility at night.
What will you like about it?
• 100% Waterproof PVC Coated Outer Shell.
• Reflective Strip Provides Safety and Visibility at Night.
• Your dog will be warm and dry since it is lined with polar fleece.
• Full Underbody design with Arm Holes for Superior Protection from the weather.
• Available in 6 Bright and Vibrant
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• Many sizes are available to be sure that will fit your dog body, and also available in a lot of fun colors
• There is a hood, access to a collar for connecting a leash, and a handy, self-storing pouch connected right on the back of the raincoat
• By using that coat you will be looking forward the next rainstorm

17. Mikayoo Large Dog Raincoat
That product proves that it isn’t impossible to combine between the beautiful look and the protection with high quality material.
What will you like about it?

• It contains a great quality material of polyester that has the ability of water proofing and breathable, to protect your pet without the need for full isolation.
• It also has elastic leg straps with adjustable belly strap secure in comfortable way.
• The night visibility becomes an important feature to make the night walking more easy and safe.

18. Twilight Dog: Safety Vest for Dogs and Dog Raincoat for Walks in Rain or Snow
I prefer to name it as a Safety coat, but, what does dog’s safety means? May be it means protecting your dog from car or accidents, or from the weather to keep your dog dry during wet walking in rain or snow.
What will you like about
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• The abdominal piece that comes with the raincoat effectively protects the dog's chest and tender abdomen area.
• When cleaning, you can put the Hurrta Raincoat into the machine in cold water on the gentle cycle and then line dry.
• Waterproof and strong.
20. Handsome Hounds Wax Cotton Dog Rain Coat:
Last but not least, this unique raincoat made of wax cotton to keep your dog completely dry on extremely rainy days. You can also make your dog wear it in any sort of weather. The Handsome Hounds raincoat will provide an elegant classy look to your dog that people will envy you for as you take your dog for a walk in the park.
Moreover, on really cold days, you can make your dog wear this Polartec fleece coat for warmth and comfort at the same time. You can choose between 7 sizes and it's made in the USA.
What will you like about it?
• 100% cotton treated with oils and waxes (This is to provide & ensure a waterproof covering).
• Reinforced leash hole, which comes with a harness or leash.
• Velcro closure under your dog's belly, which allows a perfect fit for small to large dog sizes.

These were the 20 best dog raincoats we listed for you to provide your dog with ultimate protection in harsh rainy and cold weather

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