Eternal Love In Twilight

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She also clarifies their intelligence: Vampires are smart. They possess the combined abilities of telepathy and telekinesis, communicating, reading thoughts and moving objects with the mind. According to Anne Rice‘s description of vampires, “A vampire of sufficient power or age may also unwillingly ‘hear’ the thoughts of all the humans within range of this power, leading to an old vampire saying: ‘If you do not learn to silence the voices, they will drive you mad.’” This blurring of psychological boundaries is intriguing. Psychological literature is full of descriptions and research about “merging” with another, and obviously, the vampire’s attention to other’s voices seems similar to psychotic auditory hallucinations. (Vranich) Myth is a major theme in Twilight. The success of the novel is that Meyer approaches the classic myth of the vampire from modernity, creating characters with whom adolescents identified and…show more content…
It thus implies that the first attraction is a very powerful component in a romantic relationship (Click et al. 125). the concept of unchanging, eternal love follows from love at first sight. This idea also correlates to another of Galician 's (2004) myths that each person has a predestined soul mate. In conjuntion with "love at first sight," the idea that love is forever would imply that the intial bong is permanent no matter what else happens. (Click et al. 124)
Provided that proximity and physical attraction are the first filters to the development of a romantic relationship, the weight on love at first sight is expected, although the intense that such a first moment binds the partners may be surprising. Apart from Edward and Bella, all other Cullens made immediate connections with their
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