Twilight Movie Analysis

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Twilight By: Stephanie Meyer

Part One: “That had always been my way, though. Making decisions was the painful part for me, the part I agonized over. But once the decision was made, I simply followed through – usually with relief that the choice was made. Sometimes the relief was tainted by despair, like my decision to come to Forks. But it was still better than wrestling with the alternatives.” Chapter 7, "Nightmare," 140

Part Two: Twilight begins with Bella giving a brief account about how she is about to die because of a hunter. She is dying instead of someone she loves, and the Bella does not regret anything that brought her to this point. The past few months have been amazing, and she can’t say anthything.

After the prolog we learn more
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The next day, Edward gets Bella to talk to him during lunch – for the first time he’s spending lunch apart from his siblings. Knowing that she's trying to make sense of his strength and how he saved her, Edward asks for her “theories” on him. Next, it’s let’s-figure-out-your-blood-type day in Biology class, and Edward’s skipping class. Bella becomes faint at the mere thought of blood, and gets taken to the nurse’s office (Edward appears outside and intercepts her from Mike, one of the guys who has a crush on Bella). Edward insists that he take her home.

That weekend, during a trip to a beach at La Push Indian reservation, Bella meets Jacob Black, who tells her about “the cold ones” (vampires). Word around the reservation is that the Cullens are vampires. When Bella gets home, she does some internet research and things start falling into place. Bella decides that she’s too in love with Edward to resist him, even if he is a
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Some thugs almost attack her in a dark alley, but Edward appears in his shiny Volvo and saves her. They have dinner together, and he drives her home. He reveals that yes, he is a vampire. Edward doesn’t want to be a monster, though, and actually only drinks the blood of animals. Bella knows now that he does thirst for her blood, yet she still is in love with him. Edward repeatedly warns Bella that she should be afraid of him and stay away, if she’s smart.

Edward and Bella take a mini-field trip together and spend the afternoon in a nearby secluded meadow, where Edward shows Bella that his skin sparkles in the sun (which is why vampires only come out at night or on cloudy days, which are common in Forks). They are completely in love. They kiss for the first time. Bella learns more about Edward’s family and their past. Edward struggles with abiding his morals (not tempting himself by getting close to a human) versus what he desires – to be near
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