Twilight Theme Statement

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Stephanie Meyer’s romantic story, Twilight, takes place in a small town called Forks in the state of Washington. Bella Swan has just moved in with her dad, Charlie, who she hasn’t seen since she was eleven years old. Going to school and meeting new friends has been very difficult for her, until she met Edward Cullen. After that her world changes. One theme statement that has run throughout the story would be that love can start as small as a grain of sand, then evolve into something bigger than man itself.
In the beginning of the book, Edward Cullen is a very restrained person that wants to get away form Bella Swan. A quote in the book that really inrigued me to my theme was, “Edward’s back stiffens and he turns slowly to glare at me.” This
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A quote to support this part of the book is, “Chief Swan, I promise to take care of your daughter and nothing will happen to her.” This is very important to the theme because he has transformed into someone who loaths a person and now he absolutly is in love with her and will do anything to protect her. Another quote to support this is, “Bella, I love you with all my heart and I will protect you as much as I can for as long as you live.” This is probably the most important quote throughtout the book because you can tell that Edward has serious feelings for Bella and he will go out of his way to anything for her, and this is a very serious thing to go through because he is in love with Bella Swan.

Love can start as small as a grain of sand then evolve into something bigger than man itself. The point of this theme is that anything can really happen between two people when they are in a relationship because Edward has started out loathing a girl and than he has developed strong feeling for her and he has no way to control them and they just come out in certain points in time. If you think about it, do you think you could find somebody that will do anything in their power to protect you for as long as you live and they will love you forever and
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