Essay On Legacy And Twilight

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Legacy and The Twilight Time Journal
Our lives and deaths seem to be equally significant according to this article. Unfortunately, acquisition of this equity is only achievable when our identity and legacy are identifiable. Therefore, for unclaimed bodies in morgues and unknown soldiers lying in unmarked graves, their legacy remains a puzzle. This article focuses on the last moments of our lives and the legacy left behind. The author of this article concludes that legacy is a show of what we leave behind after out death (Chittister, 2010). I agree with this conclusion because our legacy is what is left in people’s mouths after we die. Also, I think that the dead can continue to inspire good and warn the living on bad behavior because their legacy gives an insight on how best to live life. In the writer’s perspective, it connects the past and future.
The author believes that there are two types of legacies; material and immaterial legacy. Material legacy is often in the spotlight in society, especially in high social
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Therefore, one is capable of making it better at any time, before reaching the crowning moment at old age. I like the way the article encourages that the future is better despite a dull past. According to the author, we have an opportunity to erase old memories to create new ones. There is a chance to live a balanced life that emphasizes on saving, sharing and giving, rather than accumulation and consumption. We still can develop our spirit and put aside material things for a while. I believe that developing our mind involves acknowledging God, understanding the meaning of life and loving all of it, whether good or bad. I agree with the author that it goes beyond old injuries, pettiness and overcoming prejudices. The article concludes on the legacy by encouraging us to question what we leave behind because being old and heavy for years, could be

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