Twin Princes Persuasive Essay

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A commonly debated part of history is the disappearance of two twin princes. Controversial history says the princes logically were killed by their uncle so he could take the crown. However, With no DNA evidence, the two bodies must be taken into hands of congregation for opinions on the verdicts. I believe that the bodies found were Edward V and Richard Duke of York, the sons of Edward IV and Queen Elizabeth Woodville, were killed by Richard of Gloucester, their uncle. He would gain the most by killing the two boys, and he would have loved to get his hands on the throne. The bodies found indicated royalty, with strips of velvet robe attached to the two boys. The bodies found in the walled off room are said to be the two princes. Why else would someone have a chamber…show more content…
He might not have physically done the act, but Richard III could have initiated the idea or convinced other to do his dirty work. People below his status, such as Sir James Tyrell, John Dighton and Miles Forest, could have been those others. The trio would have listened to the heir to get in good graces and to sit well with him if his plan had succeeded. One of the members of the group even admitted to the crime while under the death penalty for treason. All of these details help contribute to the mystery that is Richard III and his nephews. Because the uncle would obtain the preponderance from the assassinations of his nephews, I am under the impression that he is guilty. The royal boys are so above his status that it would become clear of his jealously. The velvet clothes found on the bodies, which only royals could possibly wear at the time, indicate a clear ancestry. The other adolescents found in the box were unclothed, which doesn 't point to a clear background or origin. DNA analysis is not available due to the Queen’s orders, so the conundrum’s verdict will remain

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