911 Attack On Twin Towers Essay

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The effects of 911 attack on twin towers was huge to Americans and the world. The short term effects would be sadness and shocks felt by the Americans and the destruction of the tower. It led to the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan. Both of these effects led to the rising hated between Middle east and USA.
The terrorist group Al-Qaeda, which claimed the responsibility of the attack on Twin Towers was formed at a meeting gathered by Osama Bin Laden in August 1988 They claimed to protect their own country or kingdom when American forces arrived in Saudi Arabia to prepare for the first gulf war. In December 1992, Al-Qaeda set their first bomb attack at the Gold Mihor hotel which killed 2 people. The Al-Qaeda has previously attacked the World Trade Center. It killed 6 people and injured over a thousand. After the attack, Bin Laden returned back to Afghanistan and make good friend with the new Taliban leader Mull Omar. In 1998 Bin Ladin
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Because of this, Bush declared War on Terror in the Middle East and Afghanistan. This led to the deepening of hatred between USA and Middle East. Bin Laden, because of his actions, faced worldwide criticism, which ultimately led to his assassination in 2011 by US special forces. The Taliban fell apart after another few kills on the top leaders of Taliban. The US and its allies believed that this would end the war on terror, but they were wrong. They did not think that, at the same time they were withdrawing troops from Iraq, another terrorist force was growing. It was called the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria. This terrorist group is different from the Taliban, as its influence was greater. The Western nation would had to deal with the mess that they had created in the first place, and this time it would not be as easy as sending in coalition
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