Twisted Love In F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby

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Twisted Love Do you define your love for someone off of how much you think they love you? Tom and Daisy say that they love each other but Tom periodically has affairs with other women. In the beginning of The Great Gatsby, Daisy was in love with Gatsby but when Gatsby left to go into the military and she met Tom during his absence. Men were able to do whatever they wanted with other women and not get called out for it, and the wives would stay because that’s the respectful thing to do for their social class, and if women had affairs it wasn’t the same as men having them. Tom has affairs because he knows it is socially acceptable, Daisy will not leave him, and even if Daisy wanted to leave him she would not as it is not acceptable in society.…show more content…
He is able to do this because he has money to hide it and is able to sneak around with anyone he wishes. In the second chapter Tom states that he wants Myrtle to visit him, “I want to see you, get on the next train.” (Fitzgerald 30). Tom wants Myrtle to visit his place so that he can show her how much that he can give her. He isn’t worried about Daisy finding out about her. Myrtle replies with, “I’ll meet you by the news-stand on the lower level.” (Fitzgerald 30). This is explaining how Myrtle wants to go see how he lives and wants to be with him. She doesn’t want to be with George anymore. Although Tom makes time for his multiple affairs while being married to Daisy, he does not take the time to keep Daisy
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